Welcome to theGold Kiosk Experience

At Gold Kiosk, we understand the intrinsic value of gold in our lives, and we've reimagined the way you interact with this precious metal.

Our journey began with a vision to create an automated kiosk that not only streamlines gold transactions but also ensures your comfort throughout the process. Every detail, from our color scheme to animations and seamless transitions, is designed with aesthetics and ease of use in mind.

We've taken the conventional experience and elevated it.

We've taken the conventional experience and elevated it. With email receipts for quick transactions and the ability to retrieve your transaction data at your convenience, converting your gold into cash has never been this hassle-free. Gold Kiosk stands as a pioneer, introducing automated testing for precious metals.

The Gold Kiosk represents the perfect fusion of advanced software and integrated robotics, all packed in an elegant design.

It's hard to encapsulate the full spectrum of gold and silver that our kiosk can evaluate. Our meticulously crafted User Interface simplifies even complex multi-item sales. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Gold Kiosk leads the way in automating this process, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency for a wide range of products.

Unlocking Your Gold's Potential

In 2015, gold and silver jewelry sales in the U.S. reached a staggering 78.8 billion dollars, with pawnshops accounting for a significant portion of it. However, selling your old jewelry or coins can be daunting, often due to uncertainty about receiving a fair offer. Gold Kiosk fills a unique niche, capturing an untapped audience looking to turn their unwanted items into instant cash.

Our deployment of Gold Kiosk kiosks offers a competitive edge over traditional pawnshops and jewelers, thanks to:
  • Lower company overhead (no storefront)
  • Reduced personnel costs (minimal payroll)
  • Fewer assay calculation errors

Kiosk Software

Our proprietary software leverages world market prices, ensuring that you receive the highest payout for your unwanted jewelry and precious metals.

It also significantly reduces human error and maintains consistency across all kiosks.

By capturing real-time customer images, jewelry item images, digital fingerprints, and electronic signatures, Gold Kiosk can even auto-generate State and Federal Law Enforcement Second-Hand Dealer forms, assisting law enforcement and local communities if the need arises.

Robust management modules are seamlessly integrated into our software, allowing centralized monitoring, reporting, and analysis of your business metrics. You can track sales, profit, inventory, and holding periods by location, country, customer, and precious metal type, all in real-time. This makes Gold Kiosk software a leader in the precious metal industry.


Gold Kiosk:
The Future of Evaluation

Gold Kiosk utilize state-of-the-art instruments, along with its company patented algorithm, to allow each machine to produce a highly accurate determination of the exact amount of real gold or silver in any piece of jewelry, coins. The Gold Kiosk tracks:

  • Total time a customer spent on the machine
  • Accepted offers vs rejected offers
  • Successful transactions vs failed transactions
  • Reason for the failed transactions

Tracking these metrics enables the Gold Kiosk AI to constantly improve on its UX (user experience) and reduce customer “wait-times”.


Our transparent evaluation process ensures that you understand how we determine the value of your items.

We accept a wide range of gold and silver items, including jewelry, coins, and bullion. With multiple kiosk locations nationwide, selling your gold and silver has never been more convenient.

Gold Kiosk is trusted by customers nationwide for our reliable service and fair offers.

Gold Kiosk is trusted by customers nationwide for our reliable service and fair offers.


Gold Kiosk is your one-stop destination for selling your gold and silver items quickly and securely. Our innovative kiosk technology ensures accurate evaluations and competitive offers, giving you the best value for your items.

At Gold Kiosk, we understand the importance of turning your unwanted gold and silver jewelry into instant cash. With our innovative kiosk technology and user-friendly interface, we make the selling process seamless and convenient for you.