Real Time Prices

The Gold Cube monitors real-time prices and gives instant cash for gold, silver and cryptocurrencies.

Assure Tech Validation

The Gold Cube has a state-of-the-art ID scanner with AssureTech validation for complete security at kiosk.

Fast Processing

Quick and secure processing of your jewelry with latest technology to create the best offers for you.


The Gold Cube Kiosk has the latest and most advanced technology to evaluate your jewelry with high accuracy.

Customer Friendly UI

The customer friendly user interface ensures that even selling multiple items is easy and convenient.

Video Call Support

Our trusted customer support is available 24*7 with the video calling feature at all Gold Cube Kiosk(s).

Smart and Secure

Highest Payout

Gold Cube guarantees highest payouts to its customers every time, through its smart software working on live world market prices.

Law Enforcements

Gold Cube does automated law enforcement through real time customer images, jewelry images and digital fingerprints.

Easy Management

Gold Cube’s powerful management module enables analysis, monitoring and reporting of the entire business from one central location.

Real Time Analysis

Real-time analysis of key financial indicators make Gold Cube software a leader in the precious metal industry.

Artificial Intelligence

Gold Cube ATMs utilize state-of-the art instruments, along with its company patented algorithm, to allow each machine to produce a highly accurate determination of the exact amount of real gold or silver in any piece of jewelry or coin. The Gold Cube tracks:

o Total time a customer spent on the machine
o Accepted offers vs rejected offers
o Successful transactions vs failed transactions
o Reason for the failed transactions

Tracking these metrics enables the Gold Cube AI to constantly improve on its UX (User Experience) and reduce customer “wait-times”.

Intel Optane Technology

Gold Cube is powered by Intel’s powerful 3D XPoint Optane Memory which enables it to weigh, analyse and create offers for your precious gold and silver jewelry within minutes with a high degree of accuracy.

Customer Reviews

  • Gold Cube is by far the best way to get highest prices in the market for your jewelry

    Rachel Harvey
  • I love their customer support. If you get stuck at anywhere, their support agent pops up on the screen.

    Stephanie Jenkins
  • I sold multiple old jewelry at Gold Cube Kiosk, still it calculated accurate prices of each one.

    Debra Brewer
  • Gold Cube Kiosk has made it so convenient and easy to sell old jewelry that even my grandma can do it.

    Lu Jam

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kiosk Security

2.5″ aluminium item tray
A solid aluminium block securely hosts the customer’s gold and silver jewelry or coin

3 high resolution cameras
A video teller agent verifies and approves every transaction through the cameras in real-time. The cameras also capture each piece of jewelry before it enters the system.

State of the art validator
A valid government issued ID is required for every transaction. Photos of the actual ID are captured and added to every transaction report.

NIST* compliant biometric device
Where required by law, we equip our kiosks with NIST compliant bio metric devices to capture a valid thumbprint. The thumbprint is included on each transaction report we provide to law enforcement.

Industry standard Fujitsu cash dispenser
The best-in-class bill dispenser available for self-checkout systems and kiosks. Our real-time integration with the UI allows the customer to see graphically all bills and their currencies prior to being dispensed by the GoldCube ATM.

Law enforcement

Live validation steps
GoldCube kiosks use AssureTec ID technology to electronically verify that an ID is legitimate. AssureTec’s high-resolution scanners can spot the telltale signs of a counterfeit ID invisible to the naked eye. After the AssureTec ID electronically verifies the government issued ID for authenticity by examining the ID for holograms, watermarks, or other specific identification methods, the customer is permitted to proceed. 

  1. While the ID is being verified for authenticity, the machine scans and captures photos of the ID. Using the kiosk’s built-in webcams, the remote attendant compares the photo ID with the user’s face in real-time to confirm their identity.
  2. The remote attendant also verifies that the ID hasn’t expired and that the customer is over 18 years of age.

Ability for police to open kiosk
Law enforcement personnel who need access to a device inside the kiosk can simply call GoldCube and we can open the door at any time. Once an officer’s ID and law enforcement credentials have been validated, a Gold Cube specialist will open the side door and will secure items you are looking for.

Return of reported stolen items

Gold Cube will respond quickly and diligently to any request from law enforcement to research and/or return reported stolen jewelry items that may have been collected by the kiosk.

Any reported stolen item will be returned to the victim with no subpoena or search warrant required and at no cost.

30 day inventory hold
GoldCube holds all inventories collected for a minimum of 30 days. We will hold inventories for longer if required. Once the hold period has passed, we ship the items to our headquarters in Indialantic, Florida.

Do not buy list
Gold Cube works with law enforcement to implement a “do not buy” list, which bans individuals from utilizing a GoldCube® kiosk. Additionally, if an individual is identified by law enforcement as having sold a stolen item at a Gold Cube kiosk, we electronically “ban” that individual from conducting further transactions at all Gold Cube kiosks worldwide.


No warrants or subpoenas

We do not require a search warrant or subpoena, and we will provide any item(s) and associated records to law enforcement in our possession upon request.

If any officer has an investigative interest in a gold or silver item that is currently deposited in one of our kiosks, they may simply visit the kiosk, call us and present their credentials to the kiosk camera. We will immediately dispatch a Gold Cube specialist to open the kiosk to allow the officer to recover any item.


Jewelry flagging

If you call or email our Regulatory Affairs Department, we can check any piece of gold or silver jewelry in our system to determine if a specific piece was received by Gold Cube.

If the piece of jewelry in question has not been received by the Gold Cube, we can create an automated flag which will alert us and enable us to alert you if the item is at a Gold Cube kiosk.


Second hand dealer laws

The GoldCube offers an open book policy to all law enforcement that can use the information we have to assist in an investigation.
We can report in any method preferred, including mail, fax, email, BWI’s Rapid, NEWPRS or other reporting mechanisms.
We’re happy to do the research for you. Just call your state’s Regulatory Affairs representative and they’ll get started.

  • Full transparency
  • We’ll report in whatever method preferred
  • Easy access to photos, serial numbers, and other information about sellers


LeadsOnline partnership
We have partnered with LeadsOnline, which will offer all officers access to the Goldcube kiosk transaction reports on LeadsOnline free of cost.
LeadsOnline is a nationwide web-based investigative system that law enforcement can use to access, print and search their local  transactions easily and quickly.

Kiosk Patents

For a technology company like the Gold Cube, our intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets we have. Both, our precious metal buying invention and method, are a culmination of many years of innovation, experimentation and hard work made possible through significant financial investment and technological advances in X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry.

Gold and Precious Metal Buying Machine and Method – US 9,070,148 B2

A housing with a vault is linked to a central office for tracking buy/no-buy sales events and uploading current exchange rate data. The item is placed on a platform leading to processing stations which weigh, image, assay and convey the item to the vault (buy) or return-route (no-buy). By choosing the buying option, the machine captures user images, scans identity and bio-metric data and permits user keyed input.

Learn More

Gold and Precious Metal Buying Machine and Method – US 9,195,979 B2

The gold and precious metal buying machine and method have a housing, a vault and inboard processing stations for: weighing, detecting constituent elements with X-rays and measuring volume based upon gas or fluid displacement.  Our patent is broad and covers any type of spectrometric analysis of precious metals (namely gold or silver) using an X-ray and/or volume analysis in unison.

Learn More

How can we get an item back when it is in the kiosk?

We can open our kiosk for any member of law enforcement who can issue credentials. Here’s how:

1. Call our GoldCube Support Line at 800-969-0506 and select the Law Enforcement option.
2. You’ll be connected to an attendant who will gather important information to verify that you are indeed law enforcement.
3. Once they’ve verified your identity, they’ll connect you with one of our technicians who will open the kiosk for you and direct you to the stored device.

How can we get back an item that is in transit?

Law enforcement personnel can contact their state’s Regulatory Affairs representative or our GoldCube Support Line who will flag the device. Once it has reached our headquarters, it will be retrieved and mailed back to their department.

How can we get back an item when it’s at the GoldCube headquarters?

If law enforcements request the device within 30 days of the transaction, it will be retrieved and mailed back to them ASAP

How does the Goldcube verify that the person's ID is his or her own?

The first step of the ID process involves verifying the ID card presented. The GoldCube uses a state-of-the-art ID scanner and validation software that not only photographs the ID but validates it for authenticity by examining the ID for holograms, watermarks, or other specific authentication methods used in all 50 states. Images of these IDs are collected, stored, and are available as part of the daily reports provided by The GoldCube to your precinct. Once the ID is verified, the user is permitted to proceed; however, this does not mean that the person has been approved to complete a transaction.

Prior to completing the final transaction, using the kiosk’s built-in webcams, a remote attendant compares the photo ID with the user’s face in real-time to confirm or deny every transaction. In order to pass verification, a person must provide a valid ID and must be at least 18 years of age. The attendant will verify the age on the license and make sure it has not expired before the consumer is allowed to move forward.

Can law enforcement have access to the kiosk?

Yes, if you’re an on-duty law enforcement officer conducting a criminal investigation and need access to one of the devices inside the kiosk we can open the kiosk for you. Here’s what to do:

1. Call our GoldCube Support Line at 800.969.0506 and select the Law Enforcement option.
2. You’ll be connected to an attendant who will gather important information to verify that you are indeed law enforcement.
3. Once they’ve verified your identity, they’ll connect you with one of our technicians who will open the kiosk for you and direct you to the stored items.

Can Goldcube report the transactions?

The Goldcube has a partnership with the leading online reporting service, LeadsOnline. We upload every transaction daily into their database. We provide law enforcement access to those reports free of charge. If your department has other needs we can report our transactions to you in the manner you prefer (e.g. via email, fax, or other online reporting systems).

What form of ID does the Goldcube require?

GoldCube requires every user to present a valid US state-issued ID. GoldCube has invested in state-of-the-art technology, identification, and verification systems that capture real time data on all the individuals recycling precious metal items at our kiosks.

How is the ID determined to be valid?

For each transaction, The GoldCube uses a state-of-the-art ID scanner and fingerprint validation software. This process enables us to photograph the user’s ID and validate its authenticity by examining the ID for holograms, watermarks, or other specific authentication methods used in all 50 states. In addition to scanning the ID, a remote attendant examines each consumer, real-time, through the kiosk’s built-in webcams and ensures they match the person who is depicted on the government-issued ID.

Do customers have to pay to get their items back?

All lost or stolen items are returned to the owner, free of charge, if requested by a law enforcement officer as long as the customer provides us with a police report for the stolen item and written authorization from law enforcement to release the item.